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'Godfather' Actor -- Coppola Is Dead Wrong About 'Godfather 2'

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Francis Ford Coppola didn't just stun his fans when he told TMZ he only should have made ONE "Godfather" movie ... he also shocked the hell out of one of the actors who starred in "Part II."

"TMZ Live" spoke with Frank Sivero -- who played Don Vito's consigliere Genco Abbandando in the flick that's widely regarded as the greatest sequel of all time.

Sivero tells us he regards the ACADEMY AWARD winning movie as a "masterpiece" -- and says he's completely baffled as to why Coppola would ever make such an outrageous claim.

You broke our heart, Francis.

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Kari:  12 hours ago

I agree with Frank. I LOVED all the Godfather movies!!

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jimmy d:  12 hours ago


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jayquik03:  12 hours ago

This isn't news. He's said this plenty of times and he's also if not mentioned it than hinted at it in almost all of his commentaries on the dvd/bluray movies.

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jayquik03:  12 hours ago

@jimmyd you have no idea what you are talking about. What are you 10?

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ME:  12 hours ago

Frank, you and everyone else, misinterpreted his statement. Obviously,he meant that Part 2 should have been put together with Part 1...which he put the cart before the horse... and realized both parts should have been released as "The One and Only"...GODFATHER. He's not snobbing anyone in Part 2.

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Throwback kid:  12 hours ago

Godfather 3 was a freaking joke! Andy Garcia? They tried to explain him off but he's latin and had no business in that film. Oh, and Coppola's daughter was such a bad actress in that film that she makes Jessica Simpson and Jessica Alba look like academy award winners!

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There's a problem here:  12 hours ago

Wrong Francis. Wrong. Both Godfather I and Godfather II stand up no matter how many times you've seen them. Godfather III? The script should have been used to clean up dog crap before it saw the light of day. PS: Your wine is only so-so.

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Antonio:  11 hours ago

Coppola doesn't know **** about his own movies.

He should be apologizing for casting his ugly daughter in GF 3 and then trying to make us believe Andy Garcia would be attracted to her.

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There's a problem here:  11 hours ago

#2 JimmyD. The Sopranos was just a grown up thug version of the Jersey Shore idiots if they had power. It wasn't like that you moron.

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paul sydney:  11 hours ago

Attention-whoring has no class or intellectual boundaries. What more can be said about a masterpiece except via self deprecation.

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Anthony:  11 hours ago

I am pretty sure Coppola meant that 1 and 2 should have been 1 movie. He didn't mean there should not be any of what happened in movie number 2. Just that it should have been all combined into 1 movie. Now it would have been too long so that is why it ended up as 2 movies but in his mind that was 1 long story. No other explanation makes sense.

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jimmy d:  11 hours ago

Sorry, I was under the impression that Italian-American mafiosos were much more similar to Jersey Shore types, because of what I saw in the news was more representational of that. I believe the Godfather to be a fictionalized version of an upper-crust mafia family, unlike the harsh reality of actual East Coast crime families. Just like anything in movies though, people would rather see and glorify a fictionalized Reese Witherspoon-type juggle romance then a real-life plain jane that lives down the street.

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kemcam:  11 hours ago

I say it wouldn't be "The Godfather" without all 3 movies!

==>> http://www.startfreemakemoney.tk

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nTheZone:  11 hours ago

Frank Sivero knows nothing

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ARTOFWAR:  10 hours ago

....Well it's obvious that Francis Coppola has fallen off the wagon again, and he's making incoherent alcohol induced statements.

Actually Godfather Two exceeded the cinematic value of Godfather One, because Two expanded the horizontal storyline of One, yet maintained its own linear progression integrity. In addition, Al Pachino's performance was simply spectacular, although Al seems to think that his greatest performance was in Dog Day Afternoon in 1975---but keep in mind Al Pachino at the end of the day, is just another actor so what does he really know.

I'm going to give Francis the benefit of the doubt on his totally asinine statement and attribute it to the booze--- and on his behalf correct his slight of tongue and say that what he really meant to say is that he should have never dreamed of making Godfather Three---now Three is the picture that should have never been conceived much less made---so let's all pretend it never was.

Godfather One and Two----Without reservation or doubt are the two greatest films in cinematic history. And anyone that says otherwise is an idiot, with the inclusion of some of the people that made both.

And to Francis--- put down the bottle, it has proven time and time again not to work in your best interest....Artofwar

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