Friday, December 16, 2011

Sued Mike Lowe-I teased prison gets your fault!

Mike Rowe
, nickname is able to make a "dirty job". He hates his appeal..., Lee Jeans mad-but he is a TV star Mike Rowe is not, by Mike Rowe, South Dakota State prison inmates that happen is.

Learned TMZ... ( prisoner ) Mike Lowe SUING Mike Rowe (celebrity)--he is a right to use it claiming copyright to name this year, celebrity, Lowe is not just the beginning.

Behind the bar to claim his life, his name-hold hell Lowe (POW) in the document, "is no live in the jail here may not be called dirty work or... dirty man"

He adds, "I live this mockery, every day.

As far as copyrights go-( prisoner ) Lowe he "Lee Jeans Mike Rowe Lee Jeans wearing [a] State. To say major problems and low ???-claim. No, do not wear, and wear a Lee Jeans ever, even those I do not have.

Lowe he claims is not a fan of Viva towels either.

Low drinking and according to prison officials driving related offences-the provided time, you will reveal any more.

TMZ, Mike Rowe (celebrity) comment-so far, response is not known.

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