Tuesday, December 8, 2009

No Gatorade Shower For Tiger Woods

Gatorade is sipping haterade. They are the first corporate sponsor to send Tiger to the showers. It is difficult for a company to back up a person after they have tarnished their great public persona. Everything has gone down hill since Woods' Suv crash that left the Florida police and everyone else asking questions. He has admitted to having an extra marital affair but has not gone into any detail. Woods also hasn't denied the reports about the plethora of women he has been with. Tiger has been in hiding ever since he skipped his annual tournament in Westlake, Ca this week after being injured in the alleged drunk driving accident. It did seem a bit strange that the window closes to Tiger was smashed out. Someone should have told Tiger's wife that those sport utility vehicles are equipped with Onstar and they would have popped the door open for her.

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